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sidebar decoration: about cognetics

sidebar decoration: about cognetics

A Profile of Cognetics Corporation

We can help you create websites, web applications and interactive products that:

  • support your business goals and
  • offer a great user experience

We know how because we've been helping people do it, world-wide, since 1982.

We can help you with every aspect of user experience: usability, interaction design, and information architecture. We also understand how business operates, so we'll make sure our designs are in alignment with your business goals. We understand how to design for individuals, teams, and communities in both the consumer and business goals.

We work well with developers and agencies.

Our Mission and Values

Our clients trust Cognetics to provide unparalleled user centered design services. We deliver excellence consistently through an extremely talented staff, a well-thought out methodological framework, meticulous attention to detail, and solid business management.

Anne and Charlie Kreitzberg, the principals of Cognetics, are highly regarded thought-leaders in the business and academic communities for their creative and innovative contributions to further business, technology and people integration.

Our services include:

  • product conceptualization
  • intuitive user interface designs (wireframes)
  • expert reviews and analysis
  • persona development
  • Web 2.0 community strategy and design
  • usability consulting and training

Cognetics is more than a “job shop.” We are strategic partners to our clients. We seek long-term relationships and repeat business based on our becoming a trusted advisor. We know that every development project is a business investment and we are focused on helping our clients achieve their business goals.

Cognetics understands business as well as we understand software and the web We know that today software is no longer a back office function, isolated from other business operations. Instead, information technology drives the business, turning outward to touch suppliers, partners, and customers. Just as a single stalled automobile can create a rush-hour nightmare, a single problem in the technology value chain can stall the entire business.

We are very knowledgeable about business issues as well as being world-class web designers and usability professionals. As a result, we start with a clear understanding of your business strategy and relate it to design.


We understand technology and so can relate to developers as well as the business side. Because of this and because of our experience in organizational effectiveness, Cognetics is skilled at helping to facilitate the work of teams that include marketing, business and web designers, who often have different needs and world views.

Our Methodology

Our LUCID™ methodology has become the widest-used proprietary methodology in the world for web design.

We have been in business since 1982 and have served hundreds of clients across the US, Europe, Australia and Israel.

Web and Community Design

We are expert at website conceptualization, based on understanding our clients’ business strategy, studying their users, creating personas and identifying design opportunities to make certain that the strategies are reflected in the web site.

Cognetics Corporation is a proven leader in the fields of user-centered design, user research and usability testing.  Most of our work during the past twenty-three years has focused in learning how a user thinks and feels when they sit in front of a computer.

We spend much of our time on a variety of projects that result in highly effective and intuitive interfaces. Our goal is to gain an understanding of different user segments within a market, their particular reasons for coming to a site and their behavior once there.

The combination of business, organizational, technical and user-centered design skills that our team brings to projects is unlike those of any other consulting firm. We can offer the experience needed to get your project completed successfully, on budget and on schedule.

Our Product

Cognetics’ flagship product is In the Know!® (patent pending) is a unique and highly-effective, web-based tool that helps leaders and teams achieve top results by facilitating organization, communication and collaboration across multiple projects. It is a simple software program that makes it easy, especially for team leaders and managers, to know the status of a project or initiative, problem spots, critical decisions and next steps. It is particularly useful when there are many people involved; who may not all work for the same organization. Yet, they all need easily-accessible access to the real-time information and documents. In the Know! is a great solution when email and spreadsheets are not enough.

Thanks for contacting us. We'll be in touch shortly. Charlie & Anne

 What Makes Web 2.0 and Social Computing So Difficult?

  There are Ten Barriers to Web 2.0:

  1. Fear of hostile or embarassing postings that can damage your image.
  2. Concern that staff may act inappropriately or disclose proprietary information.
  3. Cost and time required for content development and maintenence.
  4. Compliance, regulatory and legal issues.
  5. The Generation Gap: employees have different expectations and use technology differently.
  6. Requirement for deep competence in usability and user experience engineering.
  7. Cross-departmental, cross-functional, cross-hierarchical, unfiltered communications.
  8. Concerns about security.
  9. What you don't know about how the competition is using these tools to their advantage.
  10. Balancing control with transparency.

  Web 2.0 is defined by agility, transparency, empowerment, user-centricity and creativity... not words typically used to describe most organizations. Managers are not prepared to manage in this environment.


Picture of Charlie Kreitzberg

Charles B. Kreitzberg, Ph.D.

is founder and CEO of Cognetics Corporation, a company that, since 1982, has created award-winning interactive designs that connect people and teams with computers.

Dr. Kreitzberg has designed the user interfaces for websites, software and rich internet applications for clients all over the world.

He developed a pre-web browser, is author of LUCID – the a widely used interaction design framework, and most recently In the Know!™ -- a software knowledge and communications tool for teams and their leaders.

Dr. Kreitzberg has lectured and consulted at corporations and universities worldwide. He has served as an expert witness in software interface patent disputes. He is Founding Editor of User Experience magazine; he has authored numerous articles and has served on the national boards of the Usability Professionals Association and the Society for Information Management. He holds advanced degrees in computer science and psychology. Dr. Kreitzberg serves as the Technology Director for Einstein’s Alley.

Download Charlie's Detailed Vita

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Download The First 10 Seconds as a PDF

Our Workshops

Our workshops are customized for you.people gathered around a laptop computer

Here are some sample agendas:

Higher Education




Business Leaders

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