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leaders, teams and communities

three men on a bicycle


leaders, teams and communities

Leaders, Teams and Communities

Whether you work in industry, government or the non-profit sector, roles are changing. 

Cognetics helps executives lead organizations through change. We focus on practical steps that transform vision into decisions, actions and reality.

Strengthening Teams

Ever feel like leading your team is like herding cats? Sometimes egos get in the way. Or no one takes responsiblity for making a decision. Or everyone gets along in a meeting only to disagree when the meeting is over. As teams are charged to take on more with less, learning how to perform optimally is critical.

There are lots of reasons teams are less effective than they should be. We have been working with leaders and teams for over 20 years to build on their strengths, improve their effectiveness and increase their capabilities. The team gets more done with less effort while team members gain decision making and collaborative skills they can apply to other assignments.

Managing Through Change

Change is a fact of life. But the current economy is bringing big changes fast.

Managers and their staff are reeling from the daily news of reorganization, restructuring, staff reductions and cut backs. Whether you are delivering the bad news, receiving it or surviving the current wave, the toll it takes is huge. Fear, uncertainty and doubt abound. Anxiety and paralysis set in.

We can help.  Our senior consultants have all had direct, extensive experience with these issues. We know what it's like in the trenches. We work with managers to turn the team around and get their mojo back.

Leadership Coaching

It’s lonely at the top. Leaders need someone with whom they can share their ideas and vision; someone with deep insight they can rely on for thoughtful, candid feedback.

We provide one-on-one advisory services for executives. Our services go far beyond just talk. We help our clients by performing research, creating papers and presentations, facilitating critical meetings and providing highly professional support to help them achieve their goals.

Technology Thinking for "Non-Techies"

Technology has become as important an asset as people. Yet many managers aren’t comfortable making technology decisions. Business executives are often responsible for investing resources in technology but need more depth on technology concepts, issues and implications to feel comfortable actively engaging in technology decisions.

We provide one-on-one, highly personalized coaching and executive briefings on technology geared toward non-IT leaders. We'll teach you what you need to know in order to make sound technology decisions and ensure a great user experience.

Business Thinking for "Techies"

Managing people and technology is key but hard to get right and difficult to change.

Your best technical managers may lack the diplomacy, communications skills or business perspectives to work effectively with internal clients. They may express impatience at the client’s inability to grasp technology concepts or implications; frustration at their difficulty in articulating their needs or business processes; or disappointment at the slowness of decision making.

We provide one-on-one coaching to technical managers and developers to maximize their effectiveness when working with internal clients and cross-disciplinary teams. 

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 What Makes Web 2.0 and Social Computing So Difficult?

  There are Ten Barriers to Web 2.0:

  1. Fear of hostile or embarassing postings that can damage your image.
  2. Concern that staff may act inappropriately or disclose proprietary information.
  3. Cost and time required for content development and maintenence.
  4. Compliance, regulatory and legal issues.
  5. The Generation Gap: employees have different expectations and use technology differently.
  6. Requirement for deep competence in usability and user experience engineering.
  7. Cross-departmental, cross-functional, cross-hierarchical, unfiltered communications.
  8. Concerns about security.
  9. What you don't know about how the competition is using these tools to their advantage.
  10. Balancing control with transparency.

  Web 2.0 is defined by agility, transparency, empowerment, user-centricity and creativity... not words typically used to describe most organizations. Managers are not prepared to manage in this environment.


Picture of Charlie Kreitzberg

Charles B. Kreitzberg, Ph.D.

is founder and CEO of Cognetics Corporation, a company that, since 1982, has created award-winning interactive designs that connect people and teams with computers.

Dr. Kreitzberg has designed the user interfaces for websites, software and rich internet applications for clients all over the world.

He developed a pre-web browser, is author of LUCID – the a widely used interaction design framework, and most recently In the Know!™ -- a software knowledge and communications tool for teams and their leaders.

Dr. Kreitzberg has lectured and consulted at corporations and universities worldwide. He has served as an expert witness in software interface patent disputes. He is Founding Editor of User Experience magazine; he has authored numerous articles and has served on the national boards of the Usability Professionals Association and the Society for Information Management. He holds advanced degrees in computer science and psychology. Dr. Kreitzberg serves as the Technology Director for Einstein’s Alley.

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